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Teen Dating Violence: How do I talk to my teen?

Throughout the months of February and March, Sojourner's youth educators have been busy presenting in local schools to provide information, share resources and raise awareness of teen dating violence. Youth need and deserve to learn what the elements of a healthy relationship are and to have opportunities to practice the skills required to be good partners.

A few elements of a healthy relationship include: *Feeling safe to express your feelings and opinions, even when you disagree *Respecting your partner's boundaries (physical, digital and emotional) *Honesty and trust *Being able to take responsibility when you make a mistake *Equitable effort *Supporting your partner's independence *Laughter and joy!

As we've learned while teaching our youth personal safety curriculum, SafeU, teens are looking for the opportunity to talk openly about relationships. When youth have safe and trusted adults to turn to, they are more likely to ask for the help they need. However, as anyone who is raising, caring for or working with teenagers knows, communication can be a struggle!

Multiple studies have found that many teens who experience dating violence never tell anyone*. Below are two of our favorite resources to help you start having important conversations about relationships with the teens or pre-teens in your life. Check them out and share them widely!

Quick Start Guides:

Feeling concerned for a teen in your life? Sojourner advocates are available to talk and safety plan. Reach out to 952-933-7422 for 24/7 support.


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