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Programs & Services

All programs and services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL and include a 24-hour crisis line, emergency shelter, legal advocacy, therapy, support groups, community presentations, prevention education, community education and professional training.  Sojourner is accessible and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Sojourner also provides free and confidential Interpretation Services as needed.  Sojourner Advocates:

  • support and assist victims with the development of safety plans

  • assist in the preparation and filing of temporary and final Orders for Protection or Harassment Orders

  • provide support for landlord/tenant problems, custody, divorce and other issues that impact personal safety 

  • provide information related to court procedures and victim rights 

  • act as a liaison between the victim and criminal justice personnel

  • offer court accompaniment. 

Crisis/Help Line  - (952) 933-7422

A 24-hour Crisis/Help phone line is monitored by highly trained advocates dedicated to providing confidential assistance related to safety planning or referral information.

Sojourner Shelter - (952) 933-7422

The shelter is a secure, temporary emergency residence for women and their children, unsafe in their own homes due to violence and abuse.  The shelter provides programming and services designed to promote healing and assist residents with personal planning to achieve increased safety for themselves and their children. Support and life skills groups, children’s programming and transportation assistance enhance individualized case management services. Transition support is also available to assist residents as they re-enter the community.

For more information call the crisis line listed above or download our FAQ.

Community Legal Advocacy Department - (952) 935-1004

Not all individuals and families affected by domestic violence must leave their homes for their safety. Community Legal Advocates help these victims of violence and abuse stabilize their lives, maintain safety for themselves and their children, and increase their understanding of options and resources available to them while they live in their own residence. We currently partner with 8 police departments and provide domestic violence services to any victim residing in West Hennepin County. 


Sojourner’s Legal Advocates offer comprehensive and supportive services to adult and teen victims of domestic violence and sexual assault with matters that involve the criminal or civil court system.  Our services are centered on a comprehensive approach that is respectful and compassionate. The information provided is meant to help program participants make informed decisions and to find available community resources that help them reclaim and rebuild their lives.  

Community Legal Advocates provide free and confidential assistance with preparing and filing Orders for Protection and Harassment Restraining Orders so that victims do not need to go to the Hennepin County Government Center downtown.  Whenever possible, advocates will work with victim’s schedules to try and prevent them from missing work, school, etc. during this process.


*Please Note: Sojourner’s Legal Advocates are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice about any personal decisions.



Sojourner offers a variety of group activities in both the shelter and community programs as follows: 


  • Support Group

  • Life Skills

  • Relaxation Activities

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style."

- Maya Angelou

Frequently Asked Questions
Community Legal Advocate
Community Outreach, Training, & Education - (952) 351-4062

Outreach programs promote social change through education, involvement, and information-sharing opportunities. Domestic violence, dating violence, and sexual assault do not just affect those involved. The impact of these crimes ripples through families, neighbors and the community and results in problems related to homelessness, employability, mental and physical issues that are far-reaching and long-lasting.  As a result of witnessing domestic violence, children can experience serious behavioral problems and are put at much greater risk for a multitude of problems in the long term.   


The presentations offered by this department are critical to the understanding of interpersonal violence and the prevention of future victims and abusers.  Presentations are free, available to area schools, churches, civic and social groups and individually designed to meet specific outcomes and objectives.  Training presentations are also developed for law enforcement, healthcare, and other professional groups. 

SafeU: Youth Personal Safety Education

Are you interested in helping young people in your life develop the necessary skills for healthy partnerships? Want your teen to feel confident setting personal boundaries? Concerned that your students are unaware of the warning signs for unhealthy relationships? We can help!

SafeU is an evidence-informed, age-appropriate youth personal safety program designed to provide the information and skills needed for safe and healthy relationships. SafeU’s format is a purposeful mixture of experiential learning, games, lecture and discussion to keep students engaged and invested. Youth educators can present at many different sites includes schools, religious organizations, alternative learning centers, youth civic groups, treatment centers, transition programs and camps. SafeU is accessible to students of all backgrounds and is adjustable to accommodate a wide range of ages.


SafeU provides learning opportunities that: 

  • increase self-awareness and build self-confidence

  • promote expanded thinking about healthy relationships 

  • develop proactive skills for maintaining personal well-being and safety

  • reduce risk factors for engaging in unhealthy relationships  

  • build a personal resource toolbox for help and support now and in the future

Types of Programming Available:

  1. 3-day Classroom Series

  2. On-Going Groups (customizable length)

  3. Workshops

  4. Parent or Teacher Presentations

  5. Virtual (asynchronous and live) or in-person


Potential Topics Covered Include:

  • Personal Values

  • Communication Skills

  • Tools to Identify Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships or Friendships

  • Teen Dating Violence

  • Gender Stereotypes

  • Bullying and Active Bystanders

  • Safe Technology Use

  • Personal Boundaries

  • Consent

  • Sexual Assault Prevention

  • Community Resources

“Thank you for your deep, highly impactful and meaningful activities. We look forward to continuing our partnership next year!”

-Classroom teacher

Community Outreach, Training, & Education
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