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What does violence prevention really mean?

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

This past July, Sojourner participated in a Prevention Network meeting hosted by Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women. There we had the chance to share success and challenges in prevention and be inspired by all the great work our partner agencies are also doing.

In best practice, violence prevention is addressed holistically from four levels: individual, relationship, community and societal. Each level brings with it unique risk factors for people and communities. However, each level also provides multiple avenues for impact and change. While Sojourner’s primary intervention strategy is our youth personal safety education, our professional and community trainings, legal and systems advocacy, safety planning for risk-reduction, life skills and support groups and 24/7 Crisis Line all play a role in prevention efforts.

Understanding violence prevention as larger than just youth education invites us all to participate in the creation of safer relationships and communities. Each of us can find a way to make an impact, whether that be teaching our children healthy relationship skills, supporting legislation which advocates for victims or knowing the signs of abuse and sharing resources. Domestic violence is a community issue with community solutions and your voice is important!

Want to learn more or schedule a presentation from Sojourner for your workplace, faith community or school?

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