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SafeU Goes Virtual

The COVID-19 pandemic demands adaptability and creativity from everyone, Sojourner included. Since schools went online in April, we have been unable to provide in-person youth personal safety education. That hasn't stopped our youth educators! We have provided virtual SafeU presentations for students at Robbinsdale Armstrong and Mound Westonka High Schools as well as Hopkins West Middle School's summer school program.

Virtual presentations still cover topics such as healthy v. Unhealthy relationships, personal boundaries, consent, teen dating violence, access to personal safety resources and how to support a friend. Students now have the opportunity to control the speed at which they take in the information and are invited to engage with the material in new ways. Presentations include speaker videos, slide decks with voice overs, interactive quizzes, links to helpful websites and a selection of animated videos from AMAZE.

Below are screenshots of some of the virtual SafeU content.

We have been so pleased with the feedback from students. In their own words:

"I learned more about how I can help a friend if they are in an unhealthy or abusive relationship. I also learned that the way I talk to my friend is very important in this kind of situation."

"I liked that it flowed well and was easy to understand." "I love LOVE how you never generalize these important topics; you always emphasize the wide range that toxic, abusive behaviors can play out + look (because many don't realize the various, passive ways red flags can show up). you for what you do! <3 " "I liked how there were videos that were serious and more" fun ". It helped lighten the mood while talking about a difficult topic."

While we hope it will be safe to present in-person to students sooner rather than later, we are happy to still be able to share this important education with young people no matter what!


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