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Adopt-a-Room to Make a Home

Sojourner Shelter has 6 bedrooms in which we house nearly 400 women and children seeking freedom from abuse each year. We strive to provide a safe space for healing, dignity and transformation for the residents who stay with us. The community supports this effort in a wide variety of ways, including Adopt-a-Room days.

Adopt-a-Room means providing:

  • Between 5-15 volunteers for a full day of painting, organizing and cleaning (can be done in morning/afternoon shifts)

  • If your organization is able, you can also help cover the cost of paint, supplies, linens and furnishings.

Interested in the Adopt-a-Room program but don’t have the time or volunteers? You can still sponsor a bedroom with a financial donation of $250-$500. We will use the funds to cover the labor, paint and furnishings!

To learn more about Adopt-a-Room (either volunteering or sponsoring), please contact Laura at 952-351-4062 or


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