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A Successful 2020 Holiday Boutique

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Sojourner’s annual Holiday Boutique is an event meant to boost joy and hope in a time often filled with mixed emotions and additional challenges for our clients. In September, Sojourner staff sat down to discuss how we might continue this tradition, despite the many unknowns brought about by COVID-19. We weren’t sure how we would navigate the logistics of social distancing or what the response from the community would be in a year that has taken such a toll. We are thrilled and grateful to share that we served 117 people this year, a number right on par with a typical year. Our community really came through for our clients! Advocates filled laundry baskets with cozy blankets, pajamas, craft kits, gift cards, board games, toys and so much more. These gifts bring joy both when they are opened and throughout the cold winter months.

We are particularly happy to share that we added an additional focus on basic needs such as toiletries, warm clothing, diapers and cleaning supplies in recognition of this year’s increased challenges. While Sojourner’s focus remains on safe shelter, advocacy, safety planning and personal safety education, we recognize that tangible resources also have an impact on the safety and well-being of our clients. Whether or not a survivor has access to the resources they need can contribute to their ability to safely and sustainably escape an abusive relationship.

Clients often express their surprise and appreciation to Sojourner for the gifts that come from the Holiday Boutique. The truth is, we could not host an event like this without the incredible generosity of our community. Thank you to everyone who donated off our wish lists, rallied their friends, families and coworkers to participate and made financial donations to support all the labor that goes into our work, during the holidays and year-round.


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