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What can you do for Domestic Violence Awareness Month?

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

As the cold weather approaches and fall arrives, it signals to Sojourner that Domestic Violence Awareness Month is upon us. Each October, we remember those who have died because of domestic violence and raise our voices to bring attention to this important issue. We ask you to actively join us this month!

At Sojourner, we work to promote the safety of victims of domestic violence and provide education to prevent future abuse year round. We know that children, families and communities are all safer when victims are supported and advocated for. We also know that statistically, everyone knows at least one (if not more) person who has been directly impacted by domestic violence. October is a time when we can reach out to friends and family, share information with our networks and intentionally bring light to other's lives which may currently be filled with darkness. Everyone deserves to be safe in their homes. When you share information about DV or support Sojourner, that possibility becomes real.

Looking for some ways to help? Here are some ideas:

  • Dispel myths about domestic violence such as, “it only impacts straight women” or “if someone was really being abused, they would just leave.”

  • Use any privileges you may have to confront sexist, racist, homophobic and generally prejudiced remarks or jokes, recognizing that domestic violence doesn’t exist in a vacuum but is an intersectional issue.

  • Listen to and believe survivors. Allow them to share their stories when they are ready and don’t demand “proof.”

  • Consider sharing your story. If you are a survivor, sharing your story when and if you’re ready can offer hope to others and decrease stigma and shame.

  • Attend events or vigils for DV Awareness Month.

  • Make sure there are materials from Sojourner available at your local healthcare provider, library, café, gym or place of worship. Contact to request a presentation or information.

  • Talk to your children about consent, healthy relationships and speaking up within their peer group to make sure everyone is safe. Model for them healthy communication, appropriate boundaries and safe problem-solving.

  • Support legislators who will prioritize victim safety and eliminating domestic violence.

  • Like Sojourner on Facebook and invite your friends and family to like us as well.

  • Sign up for Sojourner's monthly e-newsletter and invite a friend too!

  • Use your employer matching grant to contribute to Sojourner. Consider setting up a monthly ‘sustainer’ donation to Sojourner via Paypal.

  • Volunteer! Sojourner is always looking for both individual and group volunteers for a variety of opportunities. Email to learn more.

  • Host a donation drive at your work, community group or place of worship. Download our Donation Drive Toolkit or email to learn more.

  • Choose Sojourner as your AmazonSmile recipient.


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