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Update: United Way Funding and Ways to Raise Awareness

We know you care about those we serve and the work we do at Sojourner. In April 2017, Greater Twin Cities United Way chose to eliminate “Safety from Family Violence” funding of $4.5 million. CEO, Sarah Caruso stated, “….All United Way-funded programs in the “Safety from Family Violence” initiative will be discontinued…. We know domestic violence in Minnesota continues to be a serious issue and that the services provided by domestic violence organizations remain vital and instrumental for our community.” Sojourner strives to maintain diverse sources for funding our organization, but as a result of this decision, Sojourner will lose $50,000 in operating funds in 2018 and 2019. It is also important to know that because of the decision to eliminate support for domestic violence programs, we can’t depend upon United Way to provide opportunities for its donors to designate gifts to Sojourner beyond 2017. The loss of these funds will present challenges that may compromise our ability to meet ever increasing demands for service, however we plan to work very hard with our board, staff, volunteers, and supporters to overcome any negative impact of what we believe is a short-sighted decision by United Way. Domestic violence, dating violence and sexual assault are community problems that require community solutions. As United Way steps back, we are asking others to step up. We need your help to increase awareness about the importance what we do and its importance to safety and well-being of all of us, now and for the future. We are asking our friends and supporters to act as Sojourner ambassadors among their friends, business colleagues, neighborhoods and communities.


  • help them understand who we are; what we do; and why our work is important

  • encourage them to visit our website at to learn more

  • ask them to consider a way to help

Many businesses offer employee-giving programs either in tandem with United Way or separately, so that employees can choose the organization they wish to support. Sojourner currently receives donations from other employee giving programs that include Benevity, Fidelity, TRUiST, and Your Cause. Some businesses even match employee donations. Perhaps they or you will find an opportunity to help there. Thank you for your on-going support and for all you do to help us support the journey of those seeking greater safety and a more stable life. You do make a difference!


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