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Youth Groups: Volunteering and Education

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

For many years we have partnered with Urban Immersion, an organization that provides a retreat like setting while encouraging service to the community and education about social justice issues. Urban Immersion youth participants come from all around MN and often times from out of state. They provide priceless hours of volunteer service to our facility.

Last Fall, we decided the best way to serve these youth who were so willing to give up their weekends and Summer to volunteer, was to make sure they received our prevention education component! We split up the day between service and education and the results have overwhelmingly been positive and impactful! We are incorporating the information and activities we provide the the local schools through-out the year and implementing it to these youth groups. We cover topics such as values, healthy vs unhealthy relationships, technology/media messages, dynamics of teen dating violence and gender stereotypes. Youth and youth leaders have expressed how helpful and important this information is. Feedback has also included how fun and interactive our activities are!

Urban Immersion youth were our "guinea pigs" and because it has gone so well, we have now incorporated our prevention education piece with all volunteer youth groups that come out to our site! We feel it provides a well rounded experience. They get to learn more about Sojourner, donate their time and also walk away with knowledge that can help them stay safe and make informed decisions! It is a win-win for all involved! If you are a youth leader or know of a youth group that would be interested in this type of volunteer service experience, please contact Laura at 952.351.4062 or


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