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Shelter Volunteers: Life Skills

One of groups we offer is called Life Skills. Life Skills brings in different members from the community to discuss topics that provide the women with relevant and useful information. Topics include: Cyber safety, budgeting, mental health, parenting, nutrition, women's health and resume building. We even have special Mary Kay "Spa Days," that offer women the opportunity for relaxation and self-care!

Volunteer presenters typically come every 9-12 weeks, or about 4-5 times per year! We are always looking to add more presenters to our Life Skills list. Currently, we are looking for someone who could provide information to the women about preparing for an interview and other helpful tips related to employment. If you or someone you know would like more information about becoming a Life Skills volunteer, please contact Becca at 952.351.4067 or

Our emergency shelter provides a safe haven for women and children with a typical stay around 30 days. During this time, clients are assigned an advocate who provides safety planning information and supports the goals and steps a resident identifies to help her move forward to a life that is safer and has greater stability. Shelter programming offers a variety of group activities for residents that provide information and tools to help them on their journey.


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