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Congrats Rachel!

Updated: Jul 1

We're proud to share that Rachel, a long-time Community Legal Advocate with Sojourner, received the Dr. William Kosiak Victim Service Professional Award. This award honors an individual whose primary responsibilities involve working with crime victims and whose efforts to advance victim/survivor services and/or rights have benefitted victims and survivors of crime at the state, tribal, and/or local level. This individual has:

  1. Improved access or services for crime victim survivors

  2. Demonstrated high quality, trauma-informed services to crime victim survivors

  3. Implemented helpful and impactful programming

  4. Advanced the rights of crime victim survivors and/or

  5. Fostered the fair and respectful treatment of crime victim survivors 

Rachel has helped hundreds of clients over the years to increase their safety and change their future. She is a fierce advocate for justice and is an integral part of Sojourner's systems advocacy work. Staff celebrated her achievement at the annual Office of Justice Conference on Crime and Victimization. The conference, hosted by the MN Department of Public Safety, was also an opportunity to connect with fellow service providers, attend continuing education sessions and stay informed of the latest developments in the field. Congratulations Rachel!


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