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Feel Good While Doing Good

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

The Holiday season is officially upon us! We are excited for this time of year and our Holiday Boutique! We are so fortunate for the support of the community, it truly impacts are clients lives. You can find more information about our boutique on our home page or by calling 952.351.4062.

We love the Holiday Spirit but also know that DV occurs year round and our clients need support throughout the year. We have developed strategies to encourage more innovative community events to help us raise money to support our client's needs. If you are interested in being creative and having some fun, you might be able to help us!

Events like silent auctions, white dot sales, sip-n-give, employee jean day and bingo and/or casino nights help raise funds but they can also help raise spirits, unite groups and promote a good time while doing good for others. These are just a few ideas. Think about the groups of people in your life you can get involved and excited about giving. Faith communities, book clubs, you or your partner’s place of employment, children’s sports teams and civic groups are a great place to start!

We are truly grateful for any and all support! We wish you a safe, warm, joyful Holiday Season!


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